Welcome to the website Project 3D

3D Project is specialized in creating of 3D visualizations for the architecture sector. In close cooperation, we work put your design or idea, with the aim to create images as attractive as possible. This way you can visualize the possibilities, or you can sell your project!

Whether you are an architect, property developer, designer or builder itself: a good presentation is essential to your ideas into reality. Because every design is different, each project requires a unique approach, tailored to your needs and requirements.

Method of work

Price offer

Would you like to receive a price offer? Give me the digital plans of your project, a brief description, and if possible, a summary of your wishes. The price is determined by the size and complexity of your project. You can, at any time, change materials or camera angles, This is included in the cost price. The images are always supplied in high resolution, for exceptionally high resolution there will be an additional fee. If during the finishing process, significant changes have to be made to the 3D model, there can also be an additional fee.

3D model

The 3D model is constructed according to the received floor plans, sections and elevations. After each phase, you will recieve of few images, this allows you to monitor progress and make adjustments where necessary to the model. In the finishing phase, materials are added to the model. Each material is realistic defined by various extended properties. The lighting is also determined. For example you can choose day or night scenes, different types of sunlight at different times (seasons), and artificial light.

Finishing touch

Colors, materials, lighting, details, ... be further elaborated. This provides a realistic computer generated image. By post work in a photo editing program one obtains photorealistic images. If the situation permits, the 3D images can be incorporated into a photograph of the site. In this way, one obtains more realistic images.


3D project is the company of Sven Quasters and was founded in September 2009. I am already 12 years full time architect assistant. An important part of my job is to create 3D visualisations of projects and objects. Working with 3D is a multifaceted and complex task and therefore requires a professional approach.

With the help of the computer one can generate a digital image from a 3-dimensional model . This process is called "rendering". The model is a description of the objects and their properties, the whole in a strictly defined language or data structure. The latter contains information about the geometry, lighting, shadow, etc. ..

Project 3D creates static images from your project. Because of my background and knowledge of various materials and techniques, I am able to deliver high-quality visualizations. The digital world does not stand still. 3D Project follows all these evolutions closely, so I can always come up with the latest technologies and deliver higher quality work.

If you're not sure about the material or appearance of your design, then you can use a visualization to discover the different options. In short, the variations in the virtual world are endless.